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A little more from Huckabee & Ireland (abortions relating to relationships)

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Mike Huckabee, “Do you find it sometimes hurts you with relationships because sometimes people just don’t want to hear that?”

Kathy Ireland, “When we’re talking about a human life it is absolutely irrelevant and yes, it’s been interesting on the book tour this week, there’s been shows that have cancelled me, speeches that have been cancelled. With my first book, Powerful Inspirations, lessons that will change your life, I talk in depth about the life issue and how I came to that and as people have learned that it’s very interesting.”

When you stand up for something, things might get uncomfortable. After all reality sometimes isn’t comfortable. But I promise you, ending this genocide, the Genocide of the American Unborn, is worth making some of your relationships a little interesting. Prustice.


the A53 at the G20

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How did the continent of 53 countries (Africa) fare at this year’s G20 summit?

Reuters Africa Blog asked the question and provided the concrete facts representing the promised economic plan for the world’s poorest countries.


Reuters quoted the G20 communique as saying, “Our global plan for recovery must have at its heart the needs and jobs of hard-working families, not just in developed countries but in emerging markets and the poorest countries of the world too,” located in paragraph 3.

The facts on what they promised are the following,

• Resources available to the IMF will be trebled to $750 billion.

•  There will be support for a new allocation of Special Drawing Rights of $250 billion – something that could help poor countries

• There will be support for $100 billion more lending by Multilateral Development Banks (those include the World Bank Group and the African Development Bank)

• There will be $250 billion support for trade finance.

• Use will be made of resources from IMF gold sales “for concessional finance for the poorest countries”.

• Global financial institutions will be strengthened and reformed, ensuring that emerging and developing economies, including the poorest, must have greater voice and representation.

My favorite section of this is the last promise, “ensuring that emerging and developing economies, including the poorest, must have greater voice and representation.”

The way to change the world is for you to change your world… meaning each of us need to be the change we want to see in the world. The reason America works is because people created this precious nation, took ownership and worked to continue the prosperity. The African 53 is no different. Africa’s economy will only be brought to it’s full potential when it’s own people bring it there.

So what’s our role? We need to come in to assist in giving our friends in Africa the opportunity to take charge of their own economy. We do not need to walk in strut our stuff and tell them what to do. We must align authority and responsibility by trusting leaders at the local level. Former President Bush remarks, in regards to PEPFAR, “If you disassociate authority and responsibility, you can’t have accountability.”

Those that are given much, much is expected. G20 are the richest 20 countries in the world, in other words, much is expected. We must come to Africa’s aid. We must come with innovative approaches that work. We must help but not control, Africa’s leaders are the only ones that can bring Africa to her full potential.

If the G20 money stays out of the hands of corruption and falls into those of responsible local African leaders, this could have a Prustice filled impact.


Mike Huckabee & Kathy Ireland

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Tonight, Mike Huckabee, on his Fox News Channel show, interviewed Kathy Ireland, former supermodel now author. Huckabee asked her about her evolution from pro-choice to pro-life. Her answer was so eloquent that it must be shared. Another blog post will follow with my commentary, but for clarities sake read and think about her perspective.

The conversation was as follows…

Mike HuckabeeKathy Ireland








Mike Huckabee, “On a personal level, there’s an aspect of your life that I’ve found fascinating. You’re unafraid to talk about it and I think that’s so refreshing in the life of a celebrity who often says, ‘I don’t want to get into anything like this.’ You once were pro-choice but you became, very clearly, pro-life. What was the turning point for you? When did the switch click for you that said, ‘This is a human being’?

Kathy Ireland, “When I looked at some medical books and saw the scientific evidence ahead of me. As I mentioned, I was a baby Christian for such a long time, and as a Christian I was very pro-choice. I always have and will continue to fight for woman’s rights and so even though I wouldn’t have one myself, who am I to impose my beliefs on someone else? It’s a woman’s body it’s her choice after all.

“When I really realized I was on the fence, I dove into the medical books, I dove into the scientific research. (learning for yourself is Prustice) What I learned is at the moment of conception a new life comes into being.

“The DNA the genetic blue print is there, the sex is determined, the blood type is determined. I picked up the phone and called Planned Parenthood and said, ‘Help me out here, give me our best arguments!’ And the best arguments they gave were, ‘Well, it’s just a clump of cells. If you get it early enough it doesn’t even look like a baby.’ We’re clumps of cells. That unborn human being does not look like a baby, the same way a baby does not look like a teenager, the same way a teenager does not look like a senior.

“That unborn human being looks exactly like they’re suppose to look at that stage of development. Humans continue to grow and change.

“Some people say well if you get it at a certain stage, it’s ok. According to the law of biogenesis, all life comes from pre-existing life and each species reproduces after it’s own kind. Therefore human beings can only reproduce other human beings. So it doesn’t start out as one species and suddenly become a human being somewhere along the way.

“Some people say it’s a woman’s body, it should be her choice. There’s a 50% chance that baby she’s carrying is a male child and he would have a penis, women don’t have penises. So it’s residing in her body. It is not a part of her body.

“The bottom line is, if the unborn is not a human being, have as many abortions as you want no justification necessary. If, on the other hand, the unborn is a human being, no justification is adequate. Unless another human life is at risk, that being the mothers.

“I also believe that when an abortion takes place, there are, at least, two victims. We cannot be condemning women. Women have been so hurt by this. They are not given all the facts.

“Especially as Christians, we need to be so careful that we are not condemning her, because by doing that we can turn her away from GOD.

“It’s an issue we need to deal with, with love. I believe we’ve got to get politics out of it. We need to put this in the hands of science. Even if we don’t share (the same) faith, an atheist can know that it’s wrong to take an innocent human life. That’s why I don’t mind imposing this on other people.”

Mike Huckabee, “The science of that is clear Kathy and your explanation is, maybe, the clearest most effective I’ve heard, not just from a celebrity but from any person in politics or even from the pulpit. And I’m going to say thank you for the clarity with which you brought about this topic.”

For the record, I agree with everything she had to say.

Git’mo fun with Miss Universe

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Need more fun in you life?  Team up with Dayana Mendoza, reigning Miss Universe, travel down to Cuba to git’mo fun. Too cheesy?

According to Fox News, the Venezuelan 22-year-old visited the U.S. naval facility, where approximately 240 detainees are held, from March 20-25 with Miss USA Crystle Stewart, age 27. In a blog post on the Miss Universe website, Mendoza reports, “We visited the Detainees camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how the(y) recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting. I didn’t want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful.”

When I tried to read her blog entry, 404 File Not Found, came up. The Miss Universe Organization took it down.

According to Reuters, the trip was organized by the United Service Organizations (USO) which supports U.S. troops. Some view her favorable words of the detention facility as a publicity stunt by the USO with the goal of supporting the U.S. troops and America’s image. I disagree.

I see this as an untainted opinion regarding a facility that, contrary to public opinion, takes care of it’s detainees with proper human dignity. Besides, the prison’s tropical location probably didn’t hurt her positive impression.

Guantanamo? Is this what President Obama's shutting down?

Reducing the #

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Joshua DeBois, the head of President Obama’s faith based office, along with other White House staffers invested 45 minutes discussing a topic with people that embody hope. The March 24th meeting dealt with approaches that have worked in reducing the # of abortions in the U.S.

Holding President Obama accountable to fulfilling candidate Obama’s promises for seeking reduction to the need for abortions, Representatives of Concerned Women for America (CWA) President Wendy Wright requested the meeting with Obama’s faith-based office. CWA’s Wright described her desires for requesting the meeting to “open a dialogue and to make sure he and his staff were aware of some of the policies and programs that have proven to reduce abortions.”

A representative of Care Net, one of the other groups involved in the meeting, informed the office of their work as the largest pregnancy center network in America, consisting of more than 1,100 affiliates. Wright, “also presented evidence that federal funding of family planning programs” like Planned Parenthood (PPFA), “does not reduce the number of abortions.” According to Baptist Press (BP), PPFA received $70 million in federal family planning money under Title X in 2005-06 and is also the leading abortion provider in the nation. PPFA’s clinics performed close to 290,000 abortions in 2006… please just pause and think about that.

290,000 children killed in 365 days.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), the number of abortions has dropped by 22% since 1990. Democrats for Life of America has offered its 95-10 initiative, a multi-pronged campaign to reduce abortions by 95 percent in 10 years through proposals to provide women with information on abortion, their unborn child and their options, as well as to offer various forms of assistance. These things are prustice.

Maybe this is where the polar “Pros” will find common ground, only if both sides are willing to talk and hold to their promises.

A White House spokesman said in an e-mail statement to BP, “The President has made clear that this White House will be open and accessible. In following with that commitment, he welcomes a strong debate and healthy discussion on the important issues facing the country.” Our President promised to work on preventing the need for abortion. I like that promise, as long as it’s a promise fulfilled.



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Lessons relevant to political discussion can be found in the movies. Bella is one of these movies.

Now I don’t want to ruin the experience of watching the film for you, so… WATCH THE MOVIE then READ THIS BLOG.

Ok, there’s your warning… now here’s your post-movie commentary.


The film deals with abortion. My opinion of this story is that it was a beautiful and captivating one. I’m not one to tear up watching a movie, but there was a scene in this one that brought me close. You should see it and once you’ve seen it (or if you’ve already watched it) come here and let’s discuss it’s implication in the realm of America’s policies with abortion.

This film shows the terrifying effects of losing a child. It illustrates life interrupted with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy and illuminates the decision process surrounding abortion.

Nina, the main character with an unwanted pregnancy, finds herself walking down the hallway, shaking as she moves, of an abortion clinic to get rid of her unwanted problem. Moments later she’s taking those same steps back only to fall into the arms of her steadfast friend, Jose. She lays in his arms trembling and sobbing; she didn’t go through with the abortion.

At the conclusion of the film, six years after the clinic experience, Nina meets her daughter. Her daughter… a real person, a real soul, a human being just like you and me. Because she refused to resort to abortion, Bella gets to meet her mommy.

Refusing to abort and embracing an option of life, whether parenting or adoption, is the choice for hope.

In our laws we do not give people an option to kill those people that are a displeasure to our lifes and plans. So why do we place this awful burden of “freedom of choice” to do the exact same thing to our nations youngest people? Why do we see people so differently after they leave the womb? Is it, we can’t see them therefore they deserve no rights?

Bella is prustice.

The Fighting Irish

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If you agree with his policies, Barack Obama is your President. If you disagree with his polices, Barack Obama is your President. No matter your beliefs, the name following President of the United States is, Obama.

I for one, completely and totally disagree with the President’s stance on abortion. Abortion is murder and I hate it. It makes no sense to attempt to place logic and emotion to protect murder, and that is what we have done in this country since Roe v. Wade. To date, President Obama is continuing the genocide.

America is in the middle of the largest genocide in history, 40 million (and counting) people have been killed since 1973. Know that the Genocide of the American Unborn will continue until we change hearts, minds, and policies.

Obviously I disagree with my President, just like the Catholic Church and the University of Notre Dame, but like I said before, he is still our President.

So…Was it wrong that Mr. Obama was asked and accepted to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame? Is it wrong of the Notre Dame community to protest against his invite?

I believe that asking the President to speak at your university’s commencement is an excellent move. I would love if President Obama came to speak at my college graduation; the nation’s first citizen, highest office in the land, commander in chief… it’d be great! Asking him is fine but being a Catholic University representing the Catholic Church who, as a broad group, stands firm against abortion, was an interesting decision. They could’ve evaded much controversy by not extending the invitation.

I also believe in the First Amendment of our Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

We all have the right to believe and exercise our convictions regarding the spiritual realm of life, the freedom in what we say, and the right to gather together to stand up for our thoughts and petition our government. President Obama has these same rights. People in the Notre Dame community also have these rights.

People are protesting the commencement because they feel the President, because of his protections for abortion, should not be honored with speaking at a school that firmly disagrees with him. Others think that because he is our nation’s leader, he should be welcomed kindly regardless of his policies.

In this circumstance, neither side is solely right. Inviting him, Obama accepting and speaking while people enjoy listening is all good and respectable. Protesting the commencement is also good and respectable. With that said and for what it’s worth, I would not have invited President Obama to speak. That’s where I stand. What about you?


I’m interested in the happenings surrounding this event, so post your thoughts and keep a keen eye for more blogs to come your way.

“Uhhh” = inklings Mr. Obama might believe…

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(Before I begin this post, please know this is me reading into what Mr. Obama did/did not say. This is a post that simply wonders what’s going on inside the mind and heart of our President, not facts about what he said.)

John Ward, of the Washington Times, asked an interesting question that sparked an interesting answer last night in the White House.

Here’s John’s question to the President, “In your remarks on stem cell research earlier this month, you talked about a majority consensus in determining whether or not this is the right thing to do, to federally fund embryonic stem cell research. I’m just wondering though how much you personally wrestled with the morality or ethics of federally funding this kind of research especially given the fact that science has shown a lot of progress with adult stem cells and not a lot with embryonic.”

And here is the answer that provoked my mind to ponder…

(Then click on “Obama talks stem cells”)

When Barack Obama said, “I believe in strong moral guidelines when we deal with stem cells or anything that touches on… (and the stuttering began) uhhh, ummm, uhhhhh…”

I wonder if the President was about to say, “anything that touches on (life)” but stopped himself, knowing that if he said that embryos are something that touches on life, or people, (as I believe they certainly are), his policies and pro-choice rhetoric would be assisting in the taking of life.

Amidst the stuttering and uhhhming, he finally landed on, “anything that touches on… the issues of possible cloning… or issues related to… you know (more uhhh, sttutering) human life sciences.”

Human Life Sciences… if you consistently use technical science sounding words when discussing life within the womb, you are free from comprehending the possibility that abortion is murder.

The President then stated, “I have no investment in causing controversy. I’m happy to avoid it,” Which is obvious. He avoided controversy last night, but just barely. He stuttered around giving people in the womb the dignity they deserve once created. He uhhmmed around saying that they are life.

The belief that we, all of us who stand against abortion, are standing up for people is a position of hope. Hope for those who have no voice. Hope for an entire nation where all people are created equal. Hope for the equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everybody. Hope for people, no matter how young or old.

Standing against abortion is standing for hope.

Maybe  Mr. Obama is starting to believe that life and human rights begin in the womb. Maybe he is struggling with the Genocide of the American Unborn. Maybe we are seeing small steps in the progress of justice to end abortion.

I hope his struggles continue. Prustice; even if the progress is small, it’s always significant because every human life is significant, including you.

The Jenny Perspective

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In this delicate discussion of abortion, the perspective of a woman’s personal story holds significant weight of importance.

The following is again an excerpt from the conversation that happened in late February on the blog post, The O. Presidency, What Obama’s Doing Wrong, a post about abortion.


I call this, The Jenny Perspective…

“As a woman who has lost four babies within the time frame of 11-21 weeks gestation, the phrase “freedom of choice” troubles me. Life and death are not choices. If they were, no one would choose the latter. I would not have chosen for my babies to die. That situation was thrust on me due to the natural course of life and death that we encounter on a daily basis. My babies were wanted by myself and my family. So therefore, to me and my family, their lives had value. No person in the medical field can convince me otherwise and no one in their right mind would even try. Why is it that wanted babies are valuable and unwanted babies are not? Is it our opinions of people that determine their worth? To believe that my children were valuable only because I wanted them is narcissistic of me. They were valuable because they were created with a design making them uniquely human from the moment of conception. I held my 8.2 ounce son in my very hands and let me tell you he was absolutely as human as I am.

Even among “pro-life” individuals there are many who do not truly understand the value of “the fetus.” Any woman who has ever had a miscarriage can tell you that. It is dismissed by many in the medical community as well as Christ followers as an unfortunate medical condition. We are expected to simply “get over it” and try again. No one would expect a mother to “get over” her child dying and resume life as normal as if that child had never existed.

I say all this not as a rant from a bitter woman. I say this simply to put in perspective that as a whole our community, pro-life and pro-choice, does not put enough value on the “products of conception.” Until we as a people begin to value the miraculous and complex design that we are as well as the designer Himself, we will continue to be flippant about the human being in it’s earliest form.

I can’t propose to know how a woman faced with the decision to terminate a pregnancy must feel. I believe that it must be an agonizing decision for most of them. And I believe it’s agonizing because at the core of who they are, they know that there must be a better way. My husband and I have adopted a child who could have become just one more abortion statistic. For whatever reason or series of reasons, he is here. There are those who can’t bear children. There are those who can parent the children that others cannot. It is my hope that women faced with the heart wrenching decision to terminate will consider those who would lavish love on their child with a reckless abandon. It is my hope that they would consider that child not as an unwanted burden but as a bittersweet gift.”

Jenny, February 23

Abortion Conversation 1

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Last month, February, A discussion was sparked about our President and abortion policy. So if you weren’t following the Comment Thread on the post, The O. Presidency, What Obama’s Doing Wrong, this is a part of the conversation that I found worth sharing… enjoy.


(February, 19 from A Concerned Citizen to Prustice)

“On an issue like partial birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions. I have said so repeatedly. All I’ve said is we should have a provision to protect the health of the mother, and many of the bills that came before me didn’t have that.

Part of the reason they didn’t have it was purposeful, because those who are opposed to abortion have a moral calling to try to oppose what they think is immoral. Oftentimes what they were trying to do was to polarize the debate and make it more difficult for people, so that they could try to bring an end to abortions overall.”

“I think that most Americans recognize that this is a profoundly difficult issue for the women and families who make these decisions. They don’t make them casually. And I trust women to make these decisions, in conjunction with their doctors and their families and their clergy, and I think that’s where most Americans are.” -Barack Obama

I believe this is rhetoric. I believe there is a solid record to be found. I can also glean from this a willingness to compromise on late-term (not partial-birth, as those procedures are so rare as to not even be a statistic) abortion. This took me a good five minutes to find. If you’re unwilling to do even the basic research, why should your arguments be credible?

Let’s ignore for a moment the medical side of the argument, the legal side of the argument; all positions on the issue with a basic in scientific fact or precedent going back decades. It’s true, Thatcher or Gandhi could have been aborted. But so could Hitler, Ted Bundy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, and countless others responsible for the taking of ADULT lives. I find that argument ludicrous, one which appeals to those who choose not to think. And for those in impoverished nations who need access to family planning, what would you suggest? Abstinence? That’s a concept best understood by industrialized, majority-Christian nations, not the underdeveloped countries the policy is trying to help. But that’s the problem with this particular social issue. Those on your side fail to see eye to eye on any issue, because you have been told all your lives the procedure is evil. Is removing a blastocyst evil? A fetus? Am I going to Hell if I am a doctor who does my job? To you, yes. To me, I understand what makes a human being a human being, and know that abortion in no way takes human life. Partial-birth procedures are the exception, but there is not a medical procedure that is so rarely practiced in this day and age, unless leeching is included.

In response to your use of rhetoric, all I can say is rhetoric is most effective when there is no need to call attention to it, something which you’ve done multiple times in your posts. Only when properly administered can rhetoric affect the positions of others, and I fail to see how these posts will win anyone over, based on what I have seen.

I’m sure you’ll post some sort of defense, and I look forward to reading it. However, I think you are being intellectually dishonest, perhaps without intending to. There is certainly a bias here, and I will be surprised if it doesn’t show through in future posts. I will be watching closely.

A Concerned Citizen


(February 23 Prustice’s response)

A Concerned Citizen,

You said, “If you’re unwilling to do even the basic research, why should your arguments be credible” You are right and I apologize. Obama has made some statements that tell us he stands on the side of continuing abortions. I’m sorry I overlooked this, and thank you for pointing it out.
You made a point saying that if people like Hitler were aborted less “ADULT lives” would’ve been taken. My question to you is, why are adult lives more valuable than the lives of growing infants? Age should have no bearing on human rights and that’s where this blog stands, (read Prustification).
You said, “for those in impoverished nations who need access to family planning, what would you suggest? Abstinence? That’s a concept best understood by industrialized, majority-Christian nations, not the underdeveloped countries the policy is trying to help.” I’ve been overseas in impoverished nations. I have friends in underdeveloped countries and they are just like you and me. They’re driven and smart. If taught, just like us, they can understand abstinence and birth control as means of family planning. Why do you think terminating their children is the help needed? I think faith in their intellect is low with Obama’s policy.
As for the, “Am I going to Hell if I am a doctor who does my job? To you, yes,” statement, my question is simple. Why are you bringing “going to Hell” into this discussion? I never wrote, nor believe, anything close to that. This is the creation of an off-topic straw man, built to tear down and support your bias, instead of responding to what I wrote and nothing more.
This discussion won’t be constructive for readers if we don’t get back to the topic, President Obama and abortion policy.
You asked, “Is removing a blastocyst evil? A fetus?” and stated, “To me, I understand what makes a human being a human being, and know that abortion in no way takes human life.” Well, I too believe I understand what makes a human being a human being, and I firmly believe that abortion in everyway takes human life.
The blastocyst stage ends after week 4. The heart, circulatory system, and neural tube are forming in the little embryo during week 5. Nose, mouth, and ears are taking shape while intestines, pituitary gland, brain, muscles, and bones are forming, the heart is beating at about 100 to 160 beats per minute as blood moves through their system in week 6. (Abortions performed during or after week six are stopping a heartbeat.) Their liver is pumping out red blood cells, the umbilical cord has distinct blood vessels to transport oxygen and nutrients, and an appendix and pancreas both exist in week 7. Webbed fingers and toes are showing themselves, breathing tubes are heading to their lungs as nerves in the brain connect to each other during week 8. The embryo, that has a beating heart, becomes a fetus, after all this human growth has occurred, eight weeks after conception. And more significantly, their soul is bearing the image of God from day one.
When someone’s heart ceases to beat, that person dies. Majority of abortions (77% or 500,004/642,170 lives in 2000) stop a beating heart.
Yes, I am biased. I have firm beliefs about human rights that guide both my life and this blog. So expect it; my beliefs will be undeniable.
I don’t know if I’ll win you over and that’s ok because I’m loving your contributions to this discussion. My hope for people like us is that we could debate issues with respectful vigor and still be able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee together once the closing words are expressed.

Have a great week,
-Jeff (Stats from Tables 6 & 7)