The Resurrection of Military Tribunals

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2009 at 8:21 PM

Senator Barack Obama critized Military Tribunals. Prustice.

Now, unfortunately, rumors have it that President Barack Obama is considering bringing them back.

This Saturday, Fox News reported that the White House is now looking at the possibility of reviving the Military Tribunals to try some of the most dangerous detained at Guantanamo. Just to clear up any confusion, the Detention Center is still being shut down. It’s closure was secured by one of the President’s first Executive Orders. That’s not changing.

Now one of my (and Sen. Obama’s) biggest problems with Gitmo was former President Bush’s decision to use these unconstitutional, un-American Military Tribunals. (Go back and read The W. Presidency: What Bush Did Wrong)

Mitt Romney commented on all of this, “President Obama is learning, now in office, a number of things he campaigned for is wrong.”

Apparently President Obama, after reviewing the files, thinks M.T.’s might make sense. He is worried that those accused of September 11th could have an easier case if they were tried in courts outside of Guantanamo’s M.Ts. Our Attorney General, Eric Holder has openly said all of this.

I believe that former President Bush’s Military Tribunals were flawed and an enormous failure. I hope I don’t have to say the same thing when Mr. Obama is a former President himself.

We must trust our values.

  1. I fully agree with you, Jeff, about the disadvantages of reviving the Military Tribunals. Our federal court system, the alternative to MTs, is wholly up to the task of trying the detainees and has the distinct advantage of being universally respected around the world. Second, no one has ever escaped from a mainland high-security detention center. They already house high-risk prisoners, including sentenced terrorists. There has never been an incident there that should make surrounding communities feel unsafe.

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