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The African National Congress has been in power as the ruling majority in South Africa’s parliament since 1994, but in the country’s most recent election COPE, Congress of the People, began the work of dismantling the ANC’s wall of power.

Mvume Dandala, COPE’s presidential candidate, blogged on the party’s website Friday to encourage, “We may not have scaled the great heights we had set, but we have outdone ourselves. Since 1994 there has been no new party formed, that attained more than 5% of the national vote.

Yet we have done it. None became official opposition in more than one province, we are set to become the official opposition in at least four. Well done Cope. Viva Cope viva! Viva South Africa viva!”

I believe that multiple parties are good for the people and after all, the people are who the government should be serving, not a corrupt few.

More political parties, that gain momentum and support, in Africa means more Africans participating. And more people participating to better their country can mean only one thing, a better country. Prustice.

Cope, are they Africa’s new hope?I wonder where they got this idea?


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