Obama’s a Protestant… and?

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2009 at 4:47 PM

Rev. John Jenkins, the President of Notre Dame University, is defending his choosing of President Obama to give the fighting Irish’s commencement speech. The University’s President is sticking with his choice even though his school and Obama have drastic differences on abortion. Jenkins defense lies on the fact that Obama is a protestant, meaning the Catholic Church does not have to hold him accountable to Catholic principles.

So… the life loving fighting Irish aren’t supposed to hold their country’s President accountable for his defense of  the Genocide of the American Unborn simply because he is a protestant. That seems shallow to me.ND President, Rev. John Jenkins

  1. Although I do see the concern you have brought up, I also don’t see why President Obama should be outcasted from speaking to any Christian circles. He’s not the pastor of the university, he’s the guest speaker. I passionately disagree with Obama’s views on abortion, but at the same time, is he giving a speech on abortion? No, he’s giving a commencement speech, period. The number one problem that people see with Christians today is judgement, and saying Obama shouldn’t give this speech because of his views on something he’s not talking about is only putting that stereotype into concrete. I feel this situation is being blown way out of proportion. He’s our president, he has been placed above us and we need to respect our authority and not shun him from all Christianity.

  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate your view and I almost completely agree with it. Check out the first post on this ordeal, “The Fighting Irish” and the new post, which is a response to this, “To Speak or Not To Speak”

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