Explanation: Git’mo fun with Miss Universe

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2009 at 10:53 AM

There has been some confusion, and rightfully so, on my stance on Guantanamo Bay due to my analysis of Miss Universes view of the facility.

Regarding her positive impression of the detention center I said, “I see this as an untainted opinion regarding a facility that, contrary to public opinion, takes care of it’s detainees with proper human dignity.”

First, this blog came because I don’t believe in the thought that Miss Universe’s blog was used by the military to somehow make Gitmo “look better”. Instead I believe it was an innocent reaction.

Guantanamo has a very long history of disregard for human dignity. Former President Bush’s executive order that created the detention facility is un-American. Torture and unconfident detaining of people that may or may not be terrorists is wrong and I am pleased that President Obama made the move to shut it down. However, anything can be changed. Very few courses are immovable from changing direction once started.

From what I’ve learned about Guantanamo, it has improved greatly since it’s first three years. But this does not make it ok. Sometimes in order to change the overall direction of a policy you have to take big steps. Closing Gitmo is a big step toward our new direction for defeating terrorism.

I believe that even though it isn’t as bad as it was, America will be better off once it’s closed.

  1. Please explain how Guantanamo has been getting “better.” I like a good laugh.

  2. Please try doing some “real” research…you might laugh! But what you will discover is quite “ugly”…and not really laughable @ all! In fact, the laugh is on us in myriad ways! But with the help of God and unity, this can all be blown away, like a leaf in a hurricane!!! God Bless and In God We Trust! Maureen Worhach, Hendersonville, NC..former New Yorker…828-692-3281 I so not respect “organized crime”..nor do I fear it!!!

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