Mike Huckabee & Kathy Ireland

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Tonight, Mike Huckabee, on his Fox News Channel show, interviewed Kathy Ireland, former supermodel now author. Huckabee asked her about her evolution from pro-choice to pro-life. Her answer was so eloquent that it must be shared. Another blog post will follow with my commentary, but for clarities sake read and think about her perspective.

The conversation was as follows…

Mike HuckabeeKathy Ireland








Mike Huckabee, “On a personal level, there’s an aspect of your life that I’ve found fascinating. You’re unafraid to talk about it and I think that’s so refreshing in the life of a celebrity who often says, ‘I don’t want to get into anything like this.’ You once were pro-choice but you became, very clearly, pro-life. What was the turning point for you? When did the switch click for you that said, ‘This is a human being’?

Kathy Ireland, “When I looked at some medical books and saw the scientific evidence ahead of me. As I mentioned, I was a baby Christian for such a long time, and as a Christian I was very pro-choice. I always have and will continue to fight for woman’s rights and so even though I wouldn’t have one myself, who am I to impose my beliefs on someone else? It’s a woman’s body it’s her choice after all.

“When I really realized I was on the fence, I dove into the medical books, I dove into the scientific research. (learning for yourself is Prustice) What I learned is at the moment of conception a new life comes into being.

“The DNA the genetic blue print is there, the sex is determined, the blood type is determined. I picked up the phone and called Planned Parenthood and said, ‘Help me out here, give me our best arguments!’ And the best arguments they gave were, ‘Well, it’s just a clump of cells. If you get it early enough it doesn’t even look like a baby.’ We’re clumps of cells. That unborn human being does not look like a baby, the same way a baby does not look like a teenager, the same way a teenager does not look like a senior.

“That unborn human being looks exactly like they’re suppose to look at that stage of development. Humans continue to grow and change.

“Some people say well if you get it at a certain stage, it’s ok. According to the law of biogenesis, all life comes from pre-existing life and each species reproduces after it’s own kind. Therefore human beings can only reproduce other human beings. So it doesn’t start out as one species and suddenly become a human being somewhere along the way.

“Some people say it’s a woman’s body, it should be her choice. There’s a 50% chance that baby she’s carrying is a male child and he would have a penis, women don’t have penises. So it’s residing in her body. It is not a part of her body.

“The bottom line is, if the unborn is not a human being, have as many abortions as you want no justification necessary. If, on the other hand, the unborn is a human being, no justification is adequate. Unless another human life is at risk, that being the mothers.

“I also believe that when an abortion takes place, there are, at least, two victims. We cannot be condemning women. Women have been so hurt by this. They are not given all the facts.

“Especially as Christians, we need to be so careful that we are not condemning her, because by doing that we can turn her away from GOD.

“It’s an issue we need to deal with, with love. I believe we’ve got to get politics out of it. We need to put this in the hands of science. Even if we don’t share (the same) faith, an atheist can know that it’s wrong to take an innocent human life. That’s why I don’t mind imposing this on other people.”

Mike Huckabee, “The science of that is clear Kathy and your explanation is, maybe, the clearest most effective I’ve heard, not just from a celebrity but from any person in politics or even from the pulpit. And I’m going to say thank you for the clarity with which you brought about this topic.”

For the record, I agree with everything she had to say.

  1. What does Kathy mean by “putting it in the hands of science”??



  2. Has anyone researched Margaret Sanger???? She was the “Mother of Planned Parenthood!!”…a Eugenicist, with close ties to Adolph Hitler!!! Thank You! God Bless! Maureen and Paul Worhach…Hendersonville, NC

  3. The truth in Kathy Ireland’s analysis can not be disputed. The unrestricted abortion on demand reality that exists in this country is an intrinsic evil. Killing for convenience has been the result. In the beginning, the pro-abortionist claimed that abortion would result in every child being a wanted child, and that child abuse would be elimiated. In truth, abortion on demand has produced exactly the opposite result.
    As Mother Teresa wrote;”It is a terrible tragedy that a child must die so that a women can do what she wants”.

  4. Has anyone noticed the myriad “buzz” words used, effectively to “program” and “desensitize” the masses!!! One of these “politically correct” words or phrases or slogans…is the word, “APPROPRIATE”….or…”INAPPROPRIATE!!!” Please let us revive the First Amendment of our Constitution…Freedom of Speech…and…become “aware” of these words, used to turn “thinking” human beings into “robots!!!” What could possibly be more “INAPPROPRIATE” than the REALITY OF THE BUTCHERING of an UNBORN CHILD!!!

  5. None of the things this woman says are rooted in any science. The moment she refers to is fertilization, and the indicators she claims all point to life beginning at the moment of conception are not correlated to when life is defined by science. The law of biogenesis simply states life does not come from non-life, it has nothing to do with when life begins. To suggest pro-choice advocates believe a fetus in the first trimester is a different species is dishonest and completely wrong.

    “Human being” is different from homo sapien. One is a species, the other is a state of consciousness, a difference Mrs. Ireland seems to have trouble recognizing or acknowledging. As for the ludicrous argument she makes about a fetus not being a part of the female body, this is utter nonsense, made more obvious by the “evidence” she presents. The presence of a penis does not change the fact that the fetus is dependent on the mother to live. Therefore, it is her prerogative to end the dependency if she so chooses. This is a fairly intuitive concept. If she wants to remove politics from the equation, then her argument holds no water because there is no basis in science to support it. I encourage Mrs. Ireland to place this quandary in the hands of science. Perhaps then rational thought can take precedence over mindless and unfounded belief.

    To the commenters:

    Al, I think she means to begin defining life based on her misrepresentation of scientific fact. Unfortunately for her stance, science isn’t really on her (or this blog’s) side.

    Maureen, you are posting drivel. Please try to formulate a constructive (or at least coherent) statement to better facilitate discussion. And attempt some research, as well.

    Mark, you are doing precisely the same thing this blog does: Mask the lack of concrete evidence for your side with repetitive and ineffective rhetoric that does nothing to prove your position.


  7. First, please do not assume all pro-choicers are Atheist. Secondly do not write in all caps. You may not know this but it is the equivalent of screaming in someone’s face over the internet. It is rude, thoughtless (something Christians are not supposed to be) and unnecessary. Besides, it makes you look like a “moran”.

  8. You’ll notice the all caps only happened when her views were questioned. Nothing like a little fear to kick in more crazy.

  9. Please forgive my “new” computer skills!! Did not intend to “scream!!” Quite honestly, I have nothing to add to the “drivel” I have already posted!!! Please try to begin some of what you “see”…and, “nothing” that your “hear” via the “media!!!” Their “drivel” is well screened and well “planned”…as in our “universities!!!” God Bless! Maureen

  10. Really? I honestly have little more to say besides that. You sound like a conspiracy theorist. It’s difficult to imagine that a rational, right-thinking person would even type something like this out.

  11. I refuse to even “dignigy” that with an answer! Once, again, wheich “universivty” did you attend??? God Bless! Maureen

  12. That has absolutely nothing to do with the arguments at hand, or either of our positions; mine being “a rational approach using science and philosophy do define when life begins” and yours being “say the first thing that comes in my head despite its irrelevance or sanity.” If you actually believe that so-called “universivty”s, institutions of higher learning dedicated to teaching the human population, are somehow a bad thing, I doubt anyone would take you seriously. Post whatever other ravings you want, I’m done attempting to coerce a reasonable statement out of you.

  13. Corrections:

    “to define when life begins”
    “despite its irrelevance or INsanity”

  14. If you have any doubt Re: effects of universities on the populace, who have attened these “institutions of higher learning,”…please, just take an hosent look around you…and, then, draw the obvious and “sane” conclusions, for “yourself!!” Yes, try it…you’ll like it…”think for yourself!!!” This can actually be quite interesting…true self-discovery…no “programming!!” wow! what an experience!! Just came from a really great “Tea Party!”…in Greenville, SC..a Yankee, from Brooklyn, NC…truly “energizing!!!” Received a “Catholic Education”..elementary scohool..learned more than I did, while attending college to earn my RN..while @ same time, raising five children..and, waitressing, too! Drew on that incomprehsible first eight years of “real” education..and graduated with a 3.88 GPA!!! It “was” called “discipline!!!” God Bless! Maureen

  15. We are simply carriers of gonads, which produce gametes! When ovus and sperm meet…life begins! We create “nothing!!!” God Bless! Maureen….Have a really great weekend…I, certainly, intend to do, and, in process, will do more “thinking and praying!!!

  16. Unfortunately, the education I was “gifted” with, so long ago…cannot be “bought” today…even with three wishes!! However, I have always been a free thinker and a truth-seeker! Even way back then, many truths were withheld…historically and religiously!!! I had taught all of my children, well…before allowing any of them near any college/university! So, they have all, thank God, survived the lies, deception and “appropriate programming” of their professors! And, all are doing quite well! BTW I started “working” ten days after graduation!!! And, with God’s help did quit well with a very difficult “balancing” act!!! God Bless and In God We Trust!!! Maureen Worhach

  17. Okay. That’s very reasonable. You’ve convinced me. No need to continue posting anymore.

  18. Hi cerncered citiaen! Apparently, you have understood, all of what you have been “subjected” to…with just about everything! Reason and “turth” are all well concoted of a confuse..and, to cause chaos!! As I had said, I was a very hard sell! Once, long ago, I had read a very simple statement: anything that has order requires “intellegence!!” Take and honest look @ the universe…which no “scientist” can, adaquadely, esplain! And, its “order”…to simply tie our make acup of coffee, requirs, @ the very least, primitave “intelligence…order!!” Then compare this with the usinvese and, the incomprehensibly “intelligence”…who created the universe!! That is one of the “landmark” experiences, which has continued to light my fire of quest and truth!! God Bless and in God We Trust!!!! MAUREEN WORHACH…and, yes, this is “reasonable!!!” May God go with you on your “journey!!!!”

  19. Ok, sorry to be butting in again, Ms. Worhach, but your posts are making it very difficult for me to understand what you are trying to say. I know that the internet is not the best place to be a grammar Nazi but your writing style makes it hard to understand, apparently I’m not as talented as ‘A Concerned Citizen’. Normally I would not say anything but seeing as you’ve been to college I would expect some coherence. First, normally one uses quotation marks around a word (or phrase) either to quote someone else or to express sarcasm/distrust. I understand your concern with making sure we are not brainwashed by the “truth” the institutions give us. There are, however, several instances in which the quotation marks, used as they are, do not make any sense. Second, (once again being nitpicky) I would advise you to use some type of word processing before you publish your thoughts to spell check, etc. It appears that you feel very strongly and spell checking, rereading, and editing will greatly improve our understanding in what you are trying to say. Third, the constant use of ellipses and exclamation points hinder our understanding of your intent. The emphasis on what you are trying to say is lost if you continually use this. Once again, please know that I am in no way attacking your ideals. I only want those of us who are reading your posts to better comprehend your position. Thank you for not using caps lock, it is much appreciated.

  20. To Whom It May Concern: Perhaps the content of my posts, may be somewhat confusing. However, the intent is very sincere! This I learned in Nursing 101. I am new on the computer…and, only, now beginning to understand how to use this method of communication, properly! I have only learned, recently, that the use of capitals is considered screaming!! Please attempt to sort through all that I have written! Absolutely, no sarcasm was intended…and, I have no idea how to use spell check on this forum…only emails, so far!…I am severely dyslexic and always have been. This had not been diagnosed in the 50s, when I attended elementary school! However, strong direction from my teacher, has brought me far, with this learning disability! Transposition of numbers and letters in words still occur. But, scroll back to that excellent teacher for reminders. My husband is currently in the process of obtaining state and federal statistics re: totals of tax payer’s money, used to fund abortion! Please communicate with me, to let me know, if I have shown some improvement. God Bless and In God We Trust! Thank you, Maureen and Paul Worhach, Hendersonville, NC…828-692-3281..630 Evans Road, Hendersonville, NC 28739…Please feel free to communicate in any method that you find best.

  21. Okay, I think that’s enough time to feign capitulation. Anyone want to reasonably refute my points on the issue?

  22. Pray that you will not “reasonably, ” find yourself in very deep trouble!!! God Bless!

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