A little more from Huckabee & Ireland (abortions relating to relationships)

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2009 at 10:59 PM

Mike Huckabee, “Do you find it sometimes hurts you with relationships because sometimes people just don’t want to hear that?”

Kathy Ireland, “When we’re talking about a human life it is absolutely irrelevant and yes, it’s been interesting on the book tour this week, there’s been shows that have cancelled me, speeches that have been cancelled. With my first book, Powerful Inspirations, lessons that will change your life, I talk in depth about the life issue and how I came to that and as people have learned that it’s very interesting.”

When you stand up for something, things might get uncomfortable. After all reality sometimes isn’t comfortable. But I promise you, ending this genocide, the Genocide of the American Unborn, is worth making some of your relationships a little interesting. Prustice.


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