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Joshua DeBois, the head of President Obama’s faith based office, along with other White House staffers invested 45 minutes discussing a topic with people that embody hope. The March 24th meeting dealt with approaches that have worked in reducing the # of abortions in the U.S.

Holding President Obama accountable to fulfilling candidate Obama’s promises for seeking reduction to the need for abortions, Representatives of Concerned Women for America (CWA) President Wendy Wright requested the meeting with Obama’s faith-based office. CWA’s Wright described her desires for requesting the meeting to “open a dialogue and to make sure he and his staff were aware of some of the policies and programs that have proven to reduce abortions.”

A representative of Care Net, one of the other groups involved in the meeting, informed the office of their work as the largest pregnancy center network in America, consisting of more than 1,100 affiliates. Wright, “also presented evidence that federal funding of family planning programs” like Planned Parenthood (PPFA), “does not reduce the number of abortions.” According to Baptist Press (BP), PPFA received $70 million in federal family planning money under Title X in 2005-06 and is also the leading abortion provider in the nation. PPFA’s clinics performed close to 290,000 abortions in 2006… please just pause and think about that.

290,000 children killed in 365 days.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), the number of abortions has dropped by 22% since 1990. Democrats for Life of America has offered its 95-10 initiative, a multi-pronged campaign to reduce abortions by 95 percent in 10 years through proposals to provide women with information on abortion, their unborn child and their options, as well as to offer various forms of assistance. These things are prustice.

Maybe this is where the polar “Pros” will find common ground, only if both sides are willing to talk and hold to their promises.

A White House spokesman said in an e-mail statement to BP, “The President has made clear that this White House will be open and accessible. In following with that commitment, he welcomes a strong debate and healthy discussion on the important issues facing the country.” Our President promised to work on preventing the need for abortion. I like that promise, as long as it’s a promise fulfilled.


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