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Lessons relevant to political discussion can be found in the movies. Bella is one of these movies.

Now I don’t want to ruin the experience of watching the film for you, so… WATCH THE MOVIE then READ THIS BLOG.

Ok, there’s your warning… now here’s your post-movie commentary.


The film deals with abortion. My opinion of this story is that it was a beautiful and captivating one. I’m not one to tear up watching a movie, but there was a scene in this one that brought me close. You should see it and once you’ve seen it (or if you’ve already watched it) come here and let’s discuss it’s implication in the realm of America’s policies with abortion.

This film shows the terrifying effects of losing a child. It illustrates life interrupted with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy and illuminates the decision process surrounding abortion.

Nina, the main character with an unwanted pregnancy, finds herself walking down the hallway, shaking as she moves, of an abortion clinic to get rid of her unwanted problem. Moments later she’s taking those same steps back only to fall into the arms of her steadfast friend, Jose. She lays in his arms trembling and sobbing; she didn’t go through with the abortion.

At the conclusion of the film, six years after the clinic experience, Nina meets her daughter. Her daughter… a real person, a real soul, a human being just like you and me. Because she refused to resort to abortion, Bella gets to meet her mommy.

Refusing to abort and embracing an option of life, whether parenting or adoption, is the choice for hope.

In our laws we do not give people an option to kill those people that are a displeasure to our lifes and plans. So why do we place this awful burden of “freedom of choice” to do the exact same thing to our nations youngest people? Why do we see people so differently after they leave the womb? Is it, we can’t see them therefore they deserve no rights?

Bella is prustice.

  1. I find these posts on the subject of abortion to be repetitive. Why not say something new that hasn’t been refuted?

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