“Uhhh” = inklings Mr. Obama might believe…

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(Before I begin this post, please know this is me reading into what Mr. Obama did/did not say. This is a post that simply wonders what’s going on inside the mind and heart of our President, not facts about what he said.)

John Ward, of the Washington Times, asked an interesting question that sparked an interesting answer last night in the White House.

Here’s John’s question to the President, “In your remarks on stem cell research earlier this month, you talked about a majority consensus in determining whether or not this is the right thing to do, to federally fund embryonic stem cell research. I’m just wondering though how much you personally wrestled with the morality or ethics of federally funding this kind of research especially given the fact that science has shown a lot of progress with adult stem cells and not a lot with embryonic.”

And here is the answer that provoked my mind to ponder…

(Then click on “Obama talks stem cells”)

When Barack Obama said, “I believe in strong moral guidelines when we deal with stem cells or anything that touches on… (and the stuttering began) uhhh, ummm, uhhhhh…”

I wonder if the President was about to say, “anything that touches on (life)” but stopped himself, knowing that if he said that embryos are something that touches on life, or people, (as I believe they certainly are), his policies and pro-choice rhetoric would be assisting in the taking of life.

Amidst the stuttering and uhhhming, he finally landed on, “anything that touches on… the issues of possible cloning… or issues related to… you know (more uhhh, sttutering) human life sciences.”

Human Life Sciences… if you consistently use technical science sounding words when discussing life within the womb, you are free from comprehending the possibility that abortion is murder.

The President then stated, “I have no investment in causing controversy. I’m happy to avoid it,” Which is obvious. He avoided controversy last night, but just barely. He stuttered around giving people in the womb the dignity they deserve once created. He uhhmmed around saying that they are life.

The belief that we, all of us who stand against abortion, are standing up for people is a position of hope. Hope for those who have no voice. Hope for an entire nation where all people are created equal. Hope for the equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everybody. Hope for people, no matter how young or old.

Standing against abortion is standing for hope.

Maybe  Mr. Obama is starting to believe that life and human rights begin in the womb. Maybe he is struggling with the Genocide of the American Unborn. Maybe we are seeing small steps in the progress of justice to end abortion.

I hope his struggles continue. Prustice; even if the progress is small, it’s always significant because every human life is significant, including you.


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