The Jenny Perspective

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In this delicate discussion of abortion, the perspective of a woman’s personal story holds significant weight of importance.

The following is again an excerpt from the conversation that happened in late February on the blog post, The O. Presidency, What Obama’s Doing Wrong, a post about abortion.


I call this, The Jenny Perspective…

“As a woman who has lost four babies within the time frame of 11-21 weeks gestation, the phrase “freedom of choice” troubles me. Life and death are not choices. If they were, no one would choose the latter. I would not have chosen for my babies to die. That situation was thrust on me due to the natural course of life and death that we encounter on a daily basis. My babies were wanted by myself and my family. So therefore, to me and my family, their lives had value. No person in the medical field can convince me otherwise and no one in their right mind would even try. Why is it that wanted babies are valuable and unwanted babies are not? Is it our opinions of people that determine their worth? To believe that my children were valuable only because I wanted them is narcissistic of me. They were valuable because they were created with a design making them uniquely human from the moment of conception. I held my 8.2 ounce son in my very hands and let me tell you he was absolutely as human as I am.

Even among “pro-life” individuals there are many who do not truly understand the value of “the fetus.” Any woman who has ever had a miscarriage can tell you that. It is dismissed by many in the medical community as well as Christ followers as an unfortunate medical condition. We are expected to simply “get over it” and try again. No one would expect a mother to “get over” her child dying and resume life as normal as if that child had never existed.

I say all this not as a rant from a bitter woman. I say this simply to put in perspective that as a whole our community, pro-life and pro-choice, does not put enough value on the “products of conception.” Until we as a people begin to value the miraculous and complex design that we are as well as the designer Himself, we will continue to be flippant about the human being in it’s earliest form.

I can’t propose to know how a woman faced with the decision to terminate a pregnancy must feel. I believe that it must be an agonizing decision for most of them. And I believe it’s agonizing because at the core of who they are, they know that there must be a better way. My husband and I have adopted a child who could have become just one more abortion statistic. For whatever reason or series of reasons, he is here. There are those who can’t bear children. There are those who can parent the children that others cannot. It is my hope that women faced with the heart wrenching decision to terminate will consider those who would lavish love on their child with a reckless abandon. It is my hope that they would consider that child not as an unwanted burden but as a bittersweet gift.”

Jenny, February 23

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