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Prisoner at GuantanamoPresident Barack Obama capping the pen that closed Guantanamo










What Obama’s Doing Right:

2) Closure of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

            In the blog post of, “The W. Presidency, What Bush Did Wrong” I discussed how the creation of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center led this country too close to the brink of tyranny. (If you haven’t read it, read it.) Now, I’m happy to say that President Obama has put a well-justified end to this destructive prison.

            On January 22, 2009, as on of his first acts as President, Mr. Obama signed the “Closure Of Guantanamo Detention Facilities” Executive Order.           

            According to the Order, “Over the past 7 years, around 800 individuals whom the Department of Defense (DOD) has determined to be, or treated as, enemy combatants have been detained at Guantanamo.” Our government has released 500 of those detainees, either back to their home country or transferred or released to a third country. The DOD has found that many of the current prisoners are eligible for the same release or transfer.

            If you’re curious where the tragedies surrounding this issue lay, here they are, “The individuals currently detained at Guantanamo have the constitutional privilege of the writ of habeas corpus. Most of those individuals have filed petitions for a writ of habeas corpus in Federal court challenging the lawfulness of their detention.” No writ of habeas corpus is un-American. No questions asked.

            This is a legal action through which a person can seek relief from their own, or another persons, unlawful detention. A legal action protecting “individual freedom against arbitrary state action” is how wikipedia describes it. And our country denied people, human beings, this American valued right.

            On June 12, 2008 the Supreme Court ruled, in Boumediene v. Bush, that habeas corpus rights for the prisoners at Guantanamo must be recognized. A few months later, in October, a court considering habeas corpus petition released the first prisoners.

            Today, the actions of President Obama will seek both prosecutions for the guilty and justice for the innocent being held without confidence of their crimes.

            His Executive Order states that closure should occur as soon as practicable and no later than January 22, 2010. This my friends, is Prustice.




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